Makri is a young and dynamically developing company.

Our work is based on innovative technologies. We bend pipes and profiles of demanding shapes according to the orders of individual customers.

We achieve the highest level of quality thanks to CNC mandrel bending machines from the Italian producer Macri.

They allow for fast, efficient and highly precise tube, profile and special profile bending. Thanks to the application of modern technologies and our skilled workers, we are able to fulfil any order.

Bending profiles
Bending closed sections of a square, rectangular or unusual profile, a cross-section of up to 60x60 and at an angle within the range of 0-180 °. Bending at a variable or fixed radius. Bending whole range of various materials.

Pipe bending
Bending pipes of a maximum ø of 65 at an angle within the range of 0-180 °, bending at a fixed or variable radius. Bending steel and galvanized steel pipes. High-quality mandrel bending. Standard bending and non-mandrel bending of segments.



Our company is focused on its development and that is why we have enriched our machine park with modern CNC pipe bending machines, type Provar 6-65U-D and Provare 6-45U-D, made by the renowned Italian company Macri.

These machines use numerous innovative technological solutions, allowing us to carry out works on pipes with a diameter of up to 65 mm, the wall thickness of 4 mm and with an extreme precision of 0.1 mm.

We also specialize in bending sections of unusual and non-standard profiles.

As your satisfaction is especially important to us, we can guarantee that we will complete your order on time and that we will make every effort so that you are satisfied with our services.


Tube benders can be used in numerous sectors: from automotive hydraulics to the interior design sector. Some examples of finished products that can be produced using our pipe bending machines (depending on the required automatisms) include:

  • Hydraulic systems (oil pipes for diggers, cranes, etc.)
  • Fuel pipes for diesel motors
  • Motorbike and scooter accessories
  • Iron, steel and aluminium equipment; interior and exterior design accessories (chairs, tables, shelves, ironing boards, lamps etc.)
  • Shop equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Hospital equipment
  • Beautician and hairdresser salon equipment
  • Children playgrounds
  • Gym equipment
  • Exhausts
  • Animal husbandry equipment (cowsheds, pigsties and sheep barns)
  • Boat and swimming pool equipment
  • Supermarket and airport trolleys
  • Handles
  • Train and bus window profiles
  • Road signs and posters
  • Bathroom equipment, taps and faucet
  • Prams and pushchairs
  • Butcher's guides
  • Equipment for the food industry


We are able to fulfil any order. We fulfil tasks entrusted to us in a fair and honest manner.

All orders are completed with the application of the highest standards of customer service as we have appropriate technical capabilities and skilled workers to do so.

Orders are completed in a comprehensive manner. We provide services in the fields of general metalwork, welding, machining and powder varnishing in cooperation with the GALMET company.



Our company is equipped with modern machinery, including high-end bending machines for pipes and profiles with CNC drives made by the renowned Italian company Macri.

Bending pipes and profiles is done by deforming materials by bending them at desired angles and radii.

The basic method of bending pipes and profiles is mandrel bending, however, in some cases, they are bent without the use of a mandrel (in case of pipes and profiles with thick walls).




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